How does this experiment work?

Statistics. It all seems to easy until you have to do it.

No worries Dave, I confidently assured myself as I fitted the last details of my delicate experimental design into place, all set to be unleashed on as many undergraduates as I had chocolate to bribe. Now all I have to do is plug in the stats terminology and I’ll… oh shit.

As a research student, you know you’re onto a “winning” idea when you have to write a Python script just to work out what factors your experiment is testing. Somewhat like realising, after you’ve found the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything, that you didn’t know what the question was.

1 thought on “How does this experiment work?

  1. Yo!

    You didn’t think you could hide your website from me forever, did you? (Nevermind that you gave me the address, that’s unimportant).

    All I have to say about statistics is – bleh. One half semester of that stuff in first year pysch was quite enough, thank you.

    So I take it the test factors are slightly more sophisticated than ‘metric quantity of chocolate required to coerce X no. of undergraduates into completing survey’?

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