I’ve decided to drop the attempt at anonymity and put my actual name to what I write.

Some readers of this blog already know who I am. For the rest, no, sadly I’m not Scott Morrison’s split personality, Clive Palmer’s secret robotic dinosaur, or a time-travelling, sapient descendant (employed as a short term foreign worker) of a bacterium lurking on the Gina Rinehart Poetry Rock. It may shock those of you who follow me on Twitter to learn that my last name is not even “Orgillous”.

I’ve put some details of myself on theĀ About page, and you’ll notice a brief “Who Am I?” on the side.

Still, I don’t think it’s necessarily important that bloggers in general use their real names. A good argument is a good argument, irrespective of the arguer. Sometimes (though this doesn’t apply in my case) anonymity creates an opportunity for those in difficult circumstances to voice their opinions.