I’m not racist, because…

Following on from that racism study, the comments below SBS’s article on the subject threaten to provide some good starting material for an incarnation of internet bingo.

Again the Left shows its superficiality. If people are wary of Islam, then they are not racist because Islam is not a race. It’s a religion.

Aha! Religion, not race, therefore prejudice is impossible! I am overwhelmed by non-superficiality.

If 10% of Aussies are racist, I say most of of that 10% are of Arab, Asian background. Colonial Aussies are not really racist, they are culturally biased.

I’m not racist – it’s those other races that are racist! Get your stinking paws off me you damn racist Arabs! Learn to be “culturally biased” instead, like proper, refined white folk.

Because I am concerned about the radical elements of Islam in Australia, I am deemed to be racist.

Well, you know, the survey didn’t find that you personally were racist – you seem to have worked that out yourself.

To love the culture and race which ones heratige originates over that of others is not racism.

So, nothing wrong with “white pride” then? Just a bit of cultural fun.

This is all in stark contrast to the comments below the corresponding ABC article, which managed to avoid using the word “racism”. Commenters at the ABC seemed to be far less defensive.