Perth on cyclone watch

I’ve been watching the BoM update the position and projected track of Cyclone Bianca. They currently have it either (a) hitting, or (b) passing to the south of us on January 30. Of course, cyclones are inherently unpredictable, especially in this part of the world, but I assume the BoM has good modelling for this sort of thing.

The ABC has reported this as well:

Forecasters say winds could be as strong as 120 kilometres per hour.

On Sunday tides may rise significantly, bringing dangerous surf, very rough seas and flooding of low-lying coastal areas.

Substantial coastal erosion is possible and the southern side of the front may bring heavy rainfall.

And here was I complaining about the lack of water in Perth…

I jinxed the weather

Last Friday I declared to those sitting around me at lunch that Summer was over. It usually is over by mid-March, and (for a time) temperatures seemed to drop in a firm and unambiguous manner.

And now, suddenly, the BoM is forecasting a run of at least four 35-36° days in a row. Grumble, grumble…