Curtin University… of something

Update (2009-07-11): it has come to my attention that this page ranks rather highly when one searches for “Curtin University of New Technology”. Hence, I’d like to point out that you really should not take it at face value, just in case you were inclined to do so. This was intended to be satire directed at universities in general.

For a variety of reasons Curtin University of Technology, formerly Curtin University of New Technology, formerly the Western Australian Institute of Technology, is considering the radical option of changing its name. University strategists feel that the current name is unmarketable, because:

  1. The Educational Institute Exploratory Inquiry Organisation (EIEIO) has recently concluded that the use of the word “University” within an institute’s name rather than at the start or the end is overly confusing.
  2. In the current economic climate, prospective students may be put off by the unrealistically high standards that the word “technology” would seem to imply.
  3. Curtin doesn’t actually have any technology.

Therefore, other candidates include:

  • Curtin University of Technology University
  • The University of Curtin University Institute
  • Curtinnovation University
  • Curtin Family Values University
  • Curtin Online Multiple-Choice University

In the coming months, University strategists will consult widely with academics and prospective students in an attempt to find evidence to support the decision they’ve already made.