Sucks to be me

After speculating about the stimulus package, and then speculating about whether I’d receive a piece of it, it looks like I’ve fallen through the cracks. According to Julia Gillard, postgraduate students must be full-time and receiving an APA scholarship, or an equivalent “qualifying” scholarship, in order to be eligible for the $950 Training and Learning Bonus.

Here’s why it sucks to be me: I was receiving a scholarship up until November 2007 and then supported myself with tutoring work in 2008. Since I’m not currently receiving a scholarship nor Centrelink payments*, I’m ineligible for the Training and Learning Bonus. On the other hand, because I did receive a scholarship for half the 2007-08 financial year, I didn’t earn enough money to pay tax, making me ineligible for the Tax Bonus. Due to the “low income tax offset”, my income fell short of the threshold by – wait for it – $30. That’s right. One extra hour of tutoring sometime in 2007-08 would have been enough.

Not to worry though, because I’ve also been wisely investing in shares and managed funds, which (for me) have recently lost 29-74% of their value.

Edit: Alternatively, now I think about it, I could also have avoided claiming a tax deduction for donations to charity. Pay less to Amnesty International and you too could receive a $900 bonus!

* I’ve never received nor applied for any form of Centrelink assistance.