Temporal malfunction

You may have noticed that Dave’s Archives, in a fit of celebratory humour, temporarily reverted to a two-week old version on Good Friday. So did my inbox, and for a while I thought I’d lost all my emails and blog posts since March 26.

Email isn’t a problem, because I have a convoluted forwarding scheme where, by design, I end up with three copies of all email sent to me. The blog shouldn’t have been a problem either, because it’s automatically backed up via email. I noted with some humility, however, that these particular emails were only being sent to one of my IMAP accounts – the account that had just lost the last two weeks of email.

It was eventually fixed by a poor Jumba customer rep working Good Friday.

I did find a backup, though, after rummaging around in my laptop’s IMAP cache while not connected to the Internet, but it was a few days old and missing the most recent post (before this one). I’ve since ratcheted up my backup scheme a notch.