Leader of the second bureaucracy

Abbott on Gillard’s decision to establish a “rebuilding inspectorate”:

By putting in place this new body, this new bureaucracy to oversee the flood and the storm spending, they have accepted that the public don’t believe they can be trusted with money.

You should not need a second bureaucracy to ensure that the first bureaucracy spends money wisely.

Of course, Iron Man Abbott would conduct the entire reconstruction single-handedly, crafting thatched roofs from torn up NBN fibre. After all, we apparently don’t need him in his current role as Leader of the Second Bureaucracy. Isn’t that what the Opposition is for, after all?

Speaking of which, there is a reason Gillard is Leader of the First Bureaucracy, instead of Abbott, and it might have something to do with being “trusted with money”; specifically, $11 billion of it that didn’t really exist. If Abbott had been in power we might have needed a Third Bureaucracy to keep things in check, in case the Second Bureaucracy died from sheer exhaustion.