Fire drill

I do respect fire drills. Honestly, I do. However, when the alarm started sounding at around 11:30 this morning I happened to be naked, wet and soapy, as a result (fortunately) of being in the shower. I was fairly certain it was a drill because I’d seen another drill earlier in the morning for the building next to us.

I actually managed to finish up and get dressed just as the fire warden began hammering on the door. I inquired what one is supposed to do in such situations. He dismissed me and said simply that he didn’t care whether I was naked and wet. He just wanted me outside in the muster area with everyone else. And it’s true – this individual (who happens to be one of our senior lecturers) really wouldn’t care. However, I suspect I’m not be alone in feeling that if I’m going to be running outside dressed in nothing but a towel and shampoo suds, it had better damn well be a real emergency.

Ash Saturday

The fires burning in Victoria are now considered worse than those of Ash Wednesday (16 February 1983). I don’t have any particular personal connection to it, but it seems remiss to leave this event unmarked.

Meanwhile, fires are also burning in New South Wales, and the floods continue unabated in Queensland. Perth isn’t such a bad place to be, it would seem.